Saturday, November 17, 2012

How can hidden directory using ASCII codes.

You have to follow  following steps.
Step1-->  Rename directory using ASCII codes (code of black space)
Step2?  Change folder icon using blank icon
Step3?  Enable option of Don’t show hidden files, folders or Drives (On View Tab) using  folder option on control panel.

Step1--> Create a directory whatever place you can
Step2--> Click right mouse on that directory and select rename option
Step3--> Rename folder using press and hold Alt key(Alter Key) type 255 or 0160  from the numeric keypad.
Step4--> Press enter. Then folder name may disappear
Step5--> Change the folder icon with blank icon

If you want to access invisible directory press "Ctrl+A" together on your keyboard where you hidden directory then invisible folder will highlight

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