Thursday, March 20, 2014

Popular Linux Software

  • Fedora
  • Another pivotal Linux distro with new release every year. It brings on the table what cutting edge Linux has to offer and is great for productivity purpose. I found Fedora to be highly stable and offer good performance. Fedora helps me to keep track of the latest happening in Redhat stable. Fedora comes in all flavors: Gnome, KDE, XFCE and LXDE.

    • Ubuntu Clan 
    Primary differences are in the desktop used and the application bundle provided. Ubuntu uses Gnome, Kubuntu KDE, Xubuntu XFCE & Lubuntu LXDE. LXDE & XFCE are lighter than Gnome or Kubuntu. Edubuntu is Ubuntu with educational apps & Ubuntu studio is Ubuntu specialized for multimedia editing and creation.
    • Debian
    The father distro of Ubuntu, Mint and other derivatives. Normally it is classified as "for advanced linux users". I am not a technical geek in any sense but currently running my P4 PC with Debian Squeeze 6.0.5. Debian has both stable (denotes tested & proven release, recommended by Debian), testing (on the way to become stable), unstable (in active development). Current stable distribution is Squeeze, testing is Wheezy and unstable is Sid. 
    • Linux Mint
    Mint, of late, is giving Mate & Cinnamon as well as XFCE as desktop environments which in turn are derived from Gnome 2 & 3 respectively. Essentially this is an Ubuntu derivative with a lot of features packed inside. I found it to work on any system.
      • ArchLinux clan
    Arch itself with a derivatives like Manjaro, Bridge Linux, Archbang, etc. comprise the Arch clan. They are for those who love to experiment with bleeding edge Linux. You can be sure of getting the latest applications and kernels, before any other distro, if you are using Arch. I have Archbang installed on my P4 PC with 1 GB RAM and it runs like a beast offering incredible speed and performance. However, it is not for faint hearted as things may at times break and you may need to get your hands dirty.

    • OpenSuse
    • Puppy Linux
    • Bodhi Linux

    Document Processors

    Complete Suite: Word processor, Spreadsheet & Powerpoint along with Base (similar to Access), Math and Draw
    •  Libreoffice    
    • Open Office  
    • Calligra
     Lightweight Office Suite
    • Abiword   
    • Gnumeric


    Firefox is the best followed by Chrome and Opera


    Most of them works for Gtalk, Yahoo, Facebook & MSN, integrating all at one place.
    • Pidgin 
    •   Empathy 
    • Kopete 
    • X-chat 
    •   Skype
    • Emesene 
    • TeamSpeak

    Facebook, Twitter,

    • Gwibber: Simple but really powerful

    RSS Feed Reader

    • Liferea   
    •   Akregator 
    • RSSOwl

    Email Client

    • Thunderbird  
    • Claws Mail  
    •   Evolution
    • KMail


    • GIMP 
    •  Shotwell 
    • Inkscape 
    • F-Spot 
    • DigiKam 
    • Darktable (to work with dark negatives & raw images)
    Webcam Booth
    • Cheese
    Video Players
    • VLC
    • Totem
    Audio Players
    • Amarok
    • Rhythmbox
    • Banshee
    • Sound Juicer

    •  Clementine

    latest virus and spyware detection